Welcome to my personal webpage!

I am Mario Cannella, a PhD student in Economics at Northwestern University. In September 2022 I will join the Bank of Italy.

My research interests are in applied microeconomics, economic history, and political economy.

You can find my CV here.

Email: mariocannella2022@u.northwestern.edu

Working Papers

"The Political Legacy of Nazi Annexation", with Alexey Makarin and Ricardo Piqué, [R&R at the Economic Journal]

Video from the "2021 Online Economic History Workshop - Damaged Goods: Reconciliation After Occupation & War"

"Board composition and performance of State-Owned Enterprises: Quasi-experimental evidence", with Audinga Baltrunaite, Sauro Mocetti, and Giacomo Roma, [R&R at the Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization]

Also Bank of Italy working paper no. 1328, CEPR Discussion Paper no. 16056

Covered by la Repubblica, Lavoce.info

"Vote for Hollywood: the Effects of US Indirect Propaganda on Italian Elections", with Matteo Magnaricotte [draft available upon request]

Work in Progress

"The long-term consequences of Distance Education: Evidence from the first U.S. Correspondence Program", awarded the "Exploratory Travel and Data Grant" by the Economic History Association (coming soon)

"Two sides of the same coin: Labor market effects of party membership and government surveillance in Fascist Italy", with Giacomo Gabbuti and Gianluca Russo